Monday, June 30, 2014

Data-Driven Marketing—What It’s Not

By now, many marketers and business owners are well aware of the importance of data-driven marketing. However, many remain clueless about how to actually put data-driven marketing to good use. Very often, the questions you’ll hear as you begin the process are things like: “What should we do first?” and “Is there a right way/wrong way/best way to go about data-driven marketing?” Although there are plenty of good places to start, a great way to begin data-driven marketing is, first, to identify what it is not.

Data-driven marketing is not done in isolation

The foundation of data-driven marketing is cooperation and collaboration. You need to organize all the data your company gathers from customers, distributors, suppliers, etc. and use them to create stronger business relationships, as well as enhanced customer relations.

Data-driven marketing doesn’t settle on one tactic

Your consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to communication, entertainment, and information. Therefore, you need a strategy that reaches them through the platforms they use.

Data-driven marketing doesn’t send the same message to all customers

One important facet of data-driven marketing is the need to customize messages in order to communicate with customers more effectively. Personalize your message, send it in real-time, and be responsive. If you don’t get to your customers in time, someone else will.

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