Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Online Marketing Strategies for Tight Budgets

The business world nowadays is basically all about attention, especially in cyberspace. It has become much more difficult to attract target audience, more so for smaller businesses with tight budgets. However, there are several online marketing techniques that these smaller players can perform to keep pace with their more well-off rivals.

Get endorsed by a local celebrity – Almost every business owner dreams of having his products or services get promoted by a global star. But that’s a distant possibility for smaller businesses—yet. These businesses, however, can tap a local celebrity, a person not necessarily a world-famous actor or musician, but instead, an individual or group who has done something positive or newsworthy, such as a teacher or a law enforcement officer.
Produce videos for YouTube or Vimeo – Promotional videos can be produced by virtually anyone. Videos are especially effective at standing out of the ordinary, and helping businesses stand out from the competition, as well. However, they must be produced in a way that should adequately convey the right message, as well as entertain the audience.

Be an opinion leader online – This can be achieved by utilizing different tactics; one of which is writing an e-book about the biggest issues concerning the business’ industry. E-books are affordable means of generating leads, and could help establish a business owner as a thought leader whose values, tips, advice, and solutions work quite well for them. 

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