Friday, January 23, 2015

Is Your Website Really User Friendly?

Your website may look good, but does it look good everywhere? Imagine this: A person visits your site using their mobile device, but they have to keep resizing it so it would fit on their screens. In a few moments, that person will be clicking “X” on your site and moving on to the next one. Worse, they may have had such a frustrating experience that they never visit your site again.

No one wants to put more effort where they don’t need to. Aside from laptops and personal computers, more and more people have mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets with internet access capabilities, and they are using these devices to search for products and services online. If your website is not designed to be responsive across various platforms, you might be losing potential customers who don’t have the patience to keep adjusting their screens just to get the information they need.

This is why web design is such a critical internet marketing strategy that you should never skimp on. Not only should your business website look professionally-designed and have easy navigation, it should also be mobile-responsive and readily accessible on various devices. This way, you’ll be able to offer a great user experience to your visitors–and, hopefully, encourage them to come again.

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